Following on from the announcement that ‘Mablethorpe, Trusthorpe & Sutton on Sea’ has been selected as one of 50 areas nationally to be awarded £1Million through the new Big Lottery Scheme, Big Lottery Fund (BIG) has also confirmed that up to £30k pounds has been made available to prepare, prime and consult the local community in preparation for the funds becoming available in October 2011.

Recent Developments

We have been advised, initially that £10k of the £30k will be made available to each area in January 2011, with the remaining £20k likely to be available in the Spring of 2011 (Date to be confirmed).  In order to access the funding each area must select and nominate a ‘Lead Organisation’. The Lead organisation must have the support of the wider community including important key local organisations, including statutory bodies.

The role of the ‘Lead Organisation’ is to drive the priming, consultation and preparation work forward in partnership with key partner organisations. The key responsibilities of the Lead are as follows:

¨                Apply to Big Lottery to hold the £10k on behalf of the area.

¨                Co-ordinate and facilitate meetings between any local organisations

           interested in supporting an ‘Informal Partnership’.

¨                Report to Big Lottery regarding works undertaken, and appropriate the

           use of any funds spent.

¨                Distribute required funds to local groups, organisations, individuals that

           wish to undertake part of the priming and consultation work as agreed

           by the ‘informal partnership’.


Key local organisations and partner organisations whom work within the Mablethorpe, Trusthorpe and Sutton on Sea area are being asked to come together to establish what kind of consultation work will need to be completed in preparation for the £1M Big Lottery’s, Big Local Scheme. The purpose of the steering group is establish what kind of consultation work, has already taken place and what further is needed to produce a business plan in preparation for the fund being made available.

At a recent meeting on 23rd November 2010 it was agreed by all persons/organisations attending that ‘The Boat Shed, Mablethorpe’ would act as Lead organisation for the first £10k funds available. Representatives from ELDC Partnerships & Grants, LCC Community Development, Lincolnshire Police, Neighbourhood Management, Mablethorpe, Trusthorpe & Sutton on Sea Town Council, ELDC Town Centre Manager, Visions, Furnichurch, The Boatshed and Mablethorpe Learning Centre were all in attendance.

Further representation from a range of organisations is still needed on the steering group.  By attending you will not be committing yourself to any further involvement, the intention is merely to form an informal partnership which possesses relevant knowledge of Mablethorpe,  Trusthorpe and Sutton on Sea  and the needs of the community whether associated with health, recreation, education, youth or any other area.

For more information about getting involved please contact Steve or Sarah at the Boatshed on 01507 479165 or email:


For a full list of BIG LOCAL areas please


About sarahvines

manager at the Boatshed Munti Use Centre, 34 Victoria Rd, Mablethorpe Tel 01507149165. Email The Boatshed is the lead organisation for thelottery big local project
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